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Master meitoku yagi


Yagi Dai Sensei started his karate training at the age of fourteen under the watchful eye of Master Chojun Miyagi.  He was among the first to learn all the kata of the Goju Ryu system.  In 1963, the family of Master Miyagi presented Yagi Dai Sensei with the “Menkyo Kiden”, a certificate of total knowledge of the Goju Ryu system and the heir of the style.  He was also presented with Master Miyagi’s uniform and black belt. 

meibukan goju ryu

our teacher

master masaaki ikemiyagi


Master Masaki Ikemiyagi has been running a Meibukan dojo in Okinawa since 1981.  He is the Kancho of the Meibukan Goju Ryu Okinawan dojo in Okinawa-shi.  Ikemiyagi Sensei is known world-wide as the “Makiwara Breaker”.  It is amazing that a man of his small stature can develop such power in his punches.  He is extremely focused during his no nonsense training sessions, but off the dojo floor he is a kind and giving man.  It is my great honor to be his student. 

master chojun miyagi


Goju Ryu Karate received its name from its founder Master Chojun Miyagi who used a passage from the Bubishi to describe his art and its application of hard and soft techniques.  “Go” meaning hard and “Ju” meaning soft.Goju Ryu is characterized as a close range fighting art that uses both circular and linear movements.  The application of Goju Ryu includes striking, blocking, grappling, takedowns, locks and throws.

Goju Ryu Founder